Split 7" with This Is Atlantis

by Daighila

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Split 7" with This Is Atlantis release by Epidemic Records


released June 6, 2012



all rights reserved


Daighila Malaysia

Daighila is a four piece emoviolence outfit from Malaysia that took the foundation laid by the bands that ruled euro in the mid 90’s, like Fingerprint and Anomie to name a few – and put in addition of metal-driven guitar works and combustible drum beats with screeching voice. They play what most might call today 'screamo' but it is really a blend of everything u can get in a hc/punk record shop. ... more

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Track Name: Contentment

hidup, selesa, stabil, berputar
khayal, tiada tenang, balik pada asal
mana lubang keluar?
terkurung jiwa
di penjara selesa

Dangkal erti hidup,
takut susah, penat
mengeluh, gagal
mengira sisa hayat

(** "This cycle of life will bring us to a state of comfort where we will learn to confirm and accept blatantly whats fed to us. We will believe what they want us to believe. We will be what they want us to be. We will say what they want us to say. We will no more question things, have no urge to change and explore the posibilities... and we will become drones at the other end of this massive conveyor belt".)